Help in a Dental Emergency

For once, I was actually eager to see a dentist in Fremont. While eating some food at a restaurant one day, I chipped my teeth on the bone of a piece of meat. I was so worried about the state of my teeth that I couldn’t finish my meal. My teeth were hurting and in dire need of help from a professional, so I left the restaurant and looked for the nearest dentist in the area. I took a taxi to the dentist because I was in no condition to drive, with the pain being a major distraction that would have caused me to have an accident.

The dentist uses some medication to take away the pain that I was feeling from the chipped teeth. Some examination was done, and the dentist offered me the chance to have the chipped teeth covered with dental caps that would make them look like brand new teeth. I agreed and the dentist took a measurement and an impression of my mouth. Using the information he gathered, he was able to make the caps and then inserted them in my mouth on top of the existing teeth. The caps fit perfectly on each tooth and my smile was whole once again.

So far the caps have held up pretty well. I’ve bitten into many things so far, and the caps have been able to pass through them. I can brush the caps like I do the rest of my teeth, and they stay in place. No one else is able to tell that I have the caps on my teeth, so I haven’t bothered to tell anyone about them. I think it’s better to keep up the illusion, rather than have people actively looking for the caps every time I say something or make a smile.

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