I Feel Hopeful Once Again

I was always in pain. My primary care doctor was aware of this, and he had pretty much told me that it was just something I was going to have to learn to live with. He did tell me that if I lost weight, it might make it easier on my body. While I knew that losing weight would help, I also knew that other people heavier than me did not go through the same amounts of daily pain that I did. That is why I decided to consult a San Jose chiropractor to get a second opinion.

I just felt like there was something more to the pain than just how my body was made. That made no sense to me, because we are all made the same way. I was not sure what to expect on my first visit, but I was still trying to be optimistic about it. It was a long visit, because the chiropractor did a detailed medical history, then a detailed physical exam on me. He had me do different things so he could see when the pain would start, but he also did an exam to feel my entire back as well as my neck and shoulders.

When he was done, he took some X-rays to be able to come up with a treatment plan once he had all the pieces of the puzzle that he needed. He explained what he felt was going on, which was mainly subluxations. I had never even heard of that, and he explained that it simply meant that there was interference with the nerves going to different parts of my body from the spinal cord. He felt he would be able to help me through adjustments, which are simply manipulations of the spine. I am still undergoing treatment, and I feel better each time I go there. I finally have hope again.

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