I Had a Child Late in Life and Needed Help

For a very long time, I didn’t think much about having children. However, when I reach my forties I suddenly realized that I wanted to have a child very much. My husband and I decided to try, and by the time I reached 45 years of age we had our very first child. Having a child is what caused me to go to a Mesa chiropractor by the time our daughter was just 3 years old. All of the activities that come with having a child really affected my back. I have no idea why I just didn’t care about having children when I was in my twenties. My husband was the same way. I suppose we were just busy with work.

There are also no other small children in my family, and many people have told me that they often wanted to have a child after a newborn niece or nephew was born into their family. I also have very few friends who have children. So the baby bug hit me rather late in life. I knew that it would be tough to have a child so late, especially since my body is not as fit as it once was when I was very young.

Carrying a child around when you are 45 years old puts a lot of stress on an older body. And my husband can also say with all honesty that keeping up with a child and playing with the child is really tough when you’re this age, too. by the time that our daughter was three years old, I felt completely worn out. I went to a chiropractor that worked on my back my legs my arms my shoulder and anything else. He also taught me different ways that I can stay in shape so that I can better keep up with our daughter at my age.

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