I Had to Make Lifestyle Changes

I thought when I went to see a Redding chiropractor, the best result would be having my lower back pain disappear. That did happen, but so much more did too! Let me start at the beginning. I am a little overweight now, but I used to weigh a lot more. I knew that I needed to lose about 80 pounds because my body was taking a beating. My lower back hurt so much on some days that it took me a while to get up off a chair if I was sitting there too long.

I went to a chiropractor to see if anything could be done on my back. I had to fill out a family medical history, and I had a complete examination done on my back. I already knew that I needed to lose weight, and I am the one who brought this up to the chiropractor. I didn’t want him to feel like he had to walk on egg shells around me when I already knew what my biggest problem was. He told me that he had no problem talking to me about my weight though, and that was the beginning of my change.

No other doctor has really addressed my poor lifestyle choices. I was eating the wrong foods, barely exercising, and just getting bigger instead of smaller. I learned all about my body at my chiropractor’s office though as he adjusted my back over a few week’s time. He told me how I need to take better care of myself because the lower back pain is just the first of many problems to come. He helped me with a lifestyle change plan rather than a diet and exercise plan, because this was something I would need to do for the rest of my life. Like I said, I am a little overweight now. I have 35 more pounds to go, and it is a lot easier without all that back pain!

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