It Took Awhile to Find Someone Who Knew What to Do to Help Me

I chuckled out loud when a Santa Rosa chiropractor told me that he thought he could get me better without the use of any prescription drugs. I was not laughing because I thought he was wrong. I was laughing because my own doctor had failed at getting me better, and when I mentioned to coworkers what was going on, they told me a chiropractor could fix me up quickly. I was laughing because I had been going through so much pain for no reason, when there is another type of expert who can do what others cannot. I was chuckling because it is was my luck to not learn about chiropractic help until 1 year of suffering had gone on.

I’ve learned that you have to try to keep a good head on your shoulders with keeping things in perspective. As much as I am prone to bad luck, there are other people who have a far worse life than I do. I just suffer from setbacks here and there in life, but the bottom line is that I’m still breathing and generally happy in life. That counts for a lot! Oh, and I have all my wits about me. That counts for even more. So, while had spend the last year in pain, I have many positive things going on in my life, too.

One of the things chiropractor realize in talking to me was that I do have a lot of stressful things going on in life. I try to take them in stride, but it takes a toll on your body. He suggested weekly massages for the next few weeks. He also used some unique chiropractic treatments on me that helped rid me of pain. The difference was like night and day after only a short time getting his help.

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