Just Started Working at Villanova

We got into town just about a week ago and we were really lucky to find an old house really close to the campus. Jean and I both are going to start to work for Villanova at the start of the next semester. Of course I hurt my back moving our stuff out of the rented truck we used to get our things here from Raleigh, NC. Right now I am sort of thinking that I need to find a chiropractor in Philadelphia. That is probably the only way to get it fixed, because the likelihood is that there is some sort of displacement in my vertebra. That is what a chiropractor does. They move the bones in your back around to get them in the right place relative to one another. You definitely do not want to be too quick about making a choice though. It is something that you want to take your time about and get it right.

In fact there usually is not very much that a doctor can do for you, not unless you are really in trouble and you have something like a herniated disc. If that is the case then you end up on the surgeon’s table, but you do not want to be there and most of the time surgery is not a real option. It is going to come along with all sorts of side effects, stuff that is not good in any way. The most that a doctor is usually going to do for you is to give you a bunch of pain pills. If you are smart, then you want to stay away from those any time that it is at all possible. They just have too many victims in this country and way too much danger for me to want them.

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