My Twin Has Trouble Admitting That Even Our Back Trouble is the Same

My brother and I are twins. We both are losing our hair in the same pattern. We Both married girls with auburn hair. We both like to drive a big pickup truck. Neither of us like pickles, and neither one of us has a particularly sturdy back. However, my back rarely gives me any trouble anymore. The difference is how each of us follows the prescribed therapy for our backs. We even see the same chiropractor in Fort Myers FL. We both go in for spinal manipulations to relieve back pain. However, my brother has a lot of trouble staying pain free. The main difference is that he just goes for the therapy and never does the exercises. I have gone for the therapy and I do the exercises exactly as prescribed.

I have built up my back muscles to hold my spine in alignment so that it does not hurt like it did. On occasion when I have a really tough week on the job, it might act up a bit. I then go in for an adjustment or two and I am fine again. My brother pretty much has a standing appointment to get relief from his pain. He has even seen an orthopedist and has talked to a surgeon. My brother says that even though we are twins, we are not exactly alike. Well, genetically we are pretty much the same, and environmentally and socially we pretty much do the same things. The only difference I see is that he is a bit more grumpy, but that is because his back hurts him all the time!

His wife tries to get him to do the exercises faithfully. He will start them and then stop after a week or so. The only thing that drives me is that I stuck with them for two months, and I noticed my back pain that gets really bad has never returned. That is a big motivator for me to keep on doing them.

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